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Meet Dale Mitchell

Dale is an Administrative Assistant with Sachetta Callahan since 2012.

How did you come to work at SC?

I was working as a licenced Realtor in 2007, so as the economy and real estate were sinking I was looking for other things to do.  I found a job post for the firm on CraigsList and was invited in to interview, but was not hired.  6-7 weeks later Mike contacted me and asked if I was still available.  I had my second round interview on Christmas Eve 2011 and I started January 2, 2012.  

What’s your favorite thing about working at the firm?

I love what I do. It’s very rewarding.  I love the client contact and helping people whether  I’m doing reports, opening new accounts, onboarding new clients, sending a gift basket or responding to the Wealth Management Team’s needs.   I also have to say that another reason I like working for Sachetta Callahan is that the partners of the firm are wonderful men.  They have created a holistic approach to servicing our clients, not just a transactional approach.  And, they are wonderful to each one of us employees.

What’s special about your SC clients?

I think our clients are a reflection of the partners of Sachetta Callahan.  They are loyal, responsive, and, pleasant.  I have always enjoyed interaction with the clients of Sachetta Callahan.

What’s your life like outside the office?

We haven’t been to church since last March  but we watch services online every Sunday.  I take my young granddaughter for sleepovers on weekends to give my daughter and her husband a break.  In the summers we enjoy cookouts and swimming in our pool.  I like to walk, do puzzles, and play Scrabble.  We normally go to Myrtle Beach in August but this year we had to skip it so I am really looking forward to summer 2021.  

Do you have a work/life philosophy?

My philosophy is Church, Family, Work in terms of priorities in my life.  It’s a good balance.  During tax season we work six or seven days and week and late nights, but it’s 10 weeks so I take it in stride because it’s going to go by and be over.  After that, our work schedules are balanced and pleasant. 

Share a piece of professional advice most people could benefit from?

A good work ethic is what companies need and appreciate. If you become a stakeholder in what you do and who you work for,  you really invest yourself like you’re part of the plan.  You’ll see the rewards of that.  You’ll love what you do and look forward to doing it.  It shows if you are all in or just there to collect a paycheck.

How did you end up in the field?

As I said, I was working in real estate and I loved it.  The whole purpose of it was that I love working with people and helping people.  The 2008-2009 downturn was slower for both my real estate business and my husband’s drywall/painting company.  My brother-in-law, Chuck hired me to work with him at NorthWestern Mutual to  help with his insurance and investment clients in West Hartford, CT.  I stayed for the planned 6 months and walked away with a new focus and desire.  I really enjoyed the people and time spent in the West Hartford network office. 

What would you do if you didn’t do this?

If I’m not doing this, I’d like to spend more time in ministry activities.  But, I would also like to learn new skills so I probably would be taking classes to expand my experiences.  

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would you choose?

My mom and dad because our dinners whether weeknight or holiday were so spectacular.  My mother could take any leftover she had and make you think you were eating a gourmet meal.  We had the most stimulating conversations and laughter, and I would love for my grandkids to have that experience.  

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