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Meet Eric Sachetta

Eric has been a Financial Advisor with us since 2016.


How did you come to work at SC?

My dad and uncle started the firm 36 years ago so I’ve always been in and around the business.  I would help during school breaks in middle school and high school and had an internship in college.

For a while after college, I had a sales job and ran my own business.  About five years ago, as my wife and I were starting our family, I came on board to continue my career.  I really like the philosophy here and I feel like this is a place that I can learn, grow, and contribute. 

What’s your favorite thing about working at the firm?

The people I work with are either literally family or figuratively family.  We all truly care about each other.  We care about how each others’ kids, siblings, and parents are doing.  We get excited when someone gets to go on a trip.  We celebrate each other for big milestones.  This sense of family encompasses the whole team, the whole office, and it permeates the way we work with clients too.   

What’s special about your SC clients?

I really love how much clients care about life.  It seems like the clients we have do the very philosophy that we’re trying to teach  – balance today and tomorrow- get excited about the things they’re doing.  Even excited about the things that their advisors are doing and how our families are doing.  Wanting to do as much as you can – whatever is important to the client.  

Meetings with clients are exciting because it’s not just about looking at numbers. How are you living your life, what are the exciting things you’ve done, and what comes next? 


What’s your life like outside the office?

Ha!  Well, it’s 2020, so life is a little crazy right now.  My wife and I have two kids; 4 ½ and 6 months old.  A lot of my social time is spent with family doing things with the kids like going to the park or the zoo.  We also enjoy spending time with my parents and my in-laws since everyone is local.  In normal times we do a lot of traveling and go to sporting events. 

Do you have a work/life philosophy?

A lot of experience that I had before joining the firm taught me about balancing today and tomorrow.  I believe in the idea of having an “optimal life” where you look at all of the things that you value, see how they fit together, and make choices to balance everything and to maximize the things you want to do.  Work fits into the puzzle as neither the most, nor least important thing in my life.  

Share a piece of professional advice most people could benefit from?

Always be Learning.  Regardless of what you’re doing, try to get better.  Learn new ideas within your industry.  We spend so much of our lives working, why not do the best job you can? New ideas can make a job more exciting.  

What would you do if you didn’t do this?

Before joining Sachetta Callahan, I was a leadership speaker.  I coached young people on college campuses and sales people.  I learned so much in a sales and marketing job that can be applied to what I do now and what I see in the world.  It brought me joy to be able to teach people ideas to propel them into the jobs they want that will launch their careers.  


If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would you choose?

Walt Disney.  He had these ideas that were almost crazy.  It’s wild to think that one could come up with characters that would become movies and theme parks and cultural symbols.  What gave him the confidence to go after his goals to make them a reality?  How did he continue to work at it despite challenges?  What were his personal philosophies?

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