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Meet Matt Stead

Matt primarily serves as the director of operations for our wealth management team, as well as building and maintaining our IT infrastructure.

How did you come to work at SC?

I grew up in North Reading where everyone knows everyone.  Michael Callahan’s mom is my childhood friend’s mom’s real estate agent, which is how I found out about an internship at the firm.   I was an intern on and off through college in 2014 through 2018 and then got hired full-time in 2019.  Now, I am an Associate partner and financial advisor at the firm. 

What’s your favorite thing about working at the firm?

I know everyone who has done these profiles has had the same answer, but it really is true.  The people.  We joke about it, but truthfully this is like a second family.  I know everyone’s kids’ names, grandkids’ names, siblings’ names, everyone.  If anything comes up for someone, we all help in any capacity.  Truthfully that’s why I wanted to work for a small firm in the first place. 

What’s special about your SC clients?

Every client has a different story but no matter their background or what got them to this point, they have the common goal of financial soundness.  I think a lot of clients see us as a small part of their lives, but they are a huge part of our lives.  That’s the way it should be.  We should be there in the background making sure things happen so they can focus on the things that they enjoy doing.  

What’s your life like outside the office?

I spend a lot of time at my family’s New Hampshire house on the Connecticut River.  My girlfriend and I love to go out to eat and have been frequenting the North End lately, especially Sachetta Callahan’s client’s restaurants!  I enjoy traveling as much as I can, and am looking forward to my trip to Cancun in the Fall. In the meantime, I have some smaller trips planned along the east coast.  Vietnam is a longer term travel goal.  Also, I have been to New Zealand’s North Island but want to return to the South Island. 

Left: Exploring the Banks of the Connecticut River.
Above: Driving a boat on Lake Como in Italy.

Do you have a work/life philosophy?

For me the two are very commingled.  I don’t believe at all in the idea of working being “9 to 5.”  That doesn’t make sense to me.  I may get a haircut at 11am but do work emails at 9pm.  It all meshes together.  It’s about being flexible to accommodate my life and also clients who may want to respond to emails or talk in the evening.  

Share a piece of professional advice most people could benefit from?

I am very organized and my advice to others is to stay on top of organization.  Outlook is my best friend and lifeblood.  Keeping files and emails organized, and creating to-do lists makes for an efficient day and ensures nothing gets missed. 

How did you end up in the field?

In my sophomore year of high school I was in a business class that had a career exploration lesson plan.  I was talking with my teacher, Mr. Doucette, and he suggested finance.  I ran with it!  I’ve always liked working with analytical information but it can sometimes get too cold to work in spreadsheets all day.  Financial advising allows for this type of work, but also let’s me help others in a meaningful way. 

What would you do if you didn’t do this?

I would work with my hands doing carpentry projects, landscaping, electrical work, or something like that.  In my family, whenever something needs to be fixed, we fix it ourselves rather than calling in a professional.  My father taught me a lot of practical knowledge in my childhood.  

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would you choose?

Bill Burr is a comedian with a podcast.  I’ve been following him for many years.  He has a no-nonsense approach to life, he enjoys learning new things like flying a helicopter or baking pies for contests, and he’s always good for a laugh.  I would like to more fully adopt his outlook on life for myself and would enjoy meeting him.  

Checking out the Cliffs on the North Island of New Zealand.