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Fine Answers Podcast

Fine Answers

At times it seems like the financial world is detached from reality.
But whether we like it or not, money dictates our entire life.
Fine Answers aims to bridge that gap by discussing money tips
and tricks, best practices for success and the psychology behind it all.
The answers won’t be great…but they’ll be fine.

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S2E7 | Life in 2030 Pt. 4

“When you have a financial plan, you can look at how much money you have and what you actually want.  Own the things that might give you some value, either financially or things that make you feel good. And the rest of it, maybe you share!  You can choose to focus on experiences, but unless you have a financial plan and are looking at how all these decisions fit in, it’s all hypothetical.”


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Hosted By

Matt Stead

Matt Stead, Financial Advisor

Matt joined the team in 2014 as an intern. Since then, he has worked on
projects on both the wealth management and accounting sides of our company.
He has also become our go-to person for IT solutions in the office and
is the guy behind Fine Answers.