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Retirement Investing

When thinking about your future, having a plan for retirement investing is key to achieving your goals. Whether your company offers a 401k, or you are able to contribute to a Roth IRA, there are a variety of retirement investment options to consider. Today we’re going over some of the ways you can invest specifically when you’re thinking about planning for retirement.

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[Eric]: So today I wanted to talk to you about retirement investing.

So the first place that you want to invest when it comes to your retirement, is if your company offers a 401k, you want to invest up to the company match. If, let’s say, your company offers a 3% match, you want to do 3% of your income into your 401k, that’s actually free money that you’d be passing up if you didn’t invest there.

The next place you want to invest would be into a Roth Ira. Now there are income limits for both individuals and couples, but if you qualify for that, the next place you want to invest is the Roth Ira up to the limit.

So if you’ve maximized your Roth Ira contribution, then the third option is then to go back to your traditional 401k and contribute as much as you can up to the maximum.

Now these are the first three building blocks when it comes to retirement savings, but there’s many other options out there as well. Now potentially your employer might offer like a Roth 401k for example. There’s also some other opportunities out there as well. So if you want to learn exactly what might be the best fit for you, we are definitely here to help.

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