Cailin Fraser


Cailin received her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Merrimack College. Since graduating college, she has worked in public accounting with a focus on high net worth individuals. Her favorite part of working as a tax accountant is tax planning and being able to advise clients. Since joining Sachetta, Cailin has mainly worked on tax projections and will continue with tax compliance.

Cailin grew up in Rowley, MA and has since purchased a home in Methuen, MA where she lives with her fiancé and dog, Louie. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, exploring outdoors, and trying new restaurants.

“It's all about making connections. Whether that's with the people you work with, your clients, or people you meet outside of the office. You never know who could be your next mentor or who could be benefit from your expertise. You will lose out on those opportunities if you do not connect on a deeper level.”
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3 Questions with Cailin

"What’s your favorite thing about working at the firm?"

From the very beginning, I could tell the people and the culture would be my favorite thing about the firm, and that has proven to be true. There's a small, yet growing group of people who welcome everyone with open arms and have a true passion for serving clients. 

"What Would You Do if You Didn't Do This?"

I would work with animals in some capacity. I have loved animals since I was young and once saw myself pursuing a career that involved animals. 

"How did you end up in the field?"

I always enjoyed math class while in school growing up which led me to taking an accounting elective in high school. During that elective, things clicked for me, so I decided to major in accounting at Merrimack College. While at Merrimack, I decided to participate in the Co-Op program, where I got my first internship at an accounting firm preparing tax returns. During my internship, I developed a passion for tax and serving clients. 

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