Dale Mitchell

Client Experience Associate

Dale joined Sachetta in 2012 as an Administrative Assistant. She has since utilized her training in accounting at North Shore Community College to become an integral part of our bookkeeping staff. She is our first point of contact with clients, and will most likely be the person you talk to when calling our office.

Dale has also been a licensed Realtor since 2007, and currently resides in Danvers, MA with her husband, Frank and dog, Scotty.

I think our clients are a reflection of the partners of Sachetta.  They are loyal, responsive, and, pleasant.  I have always enjoyed interaction with the clients of Sachetta. ”

3 Questions with Dale

"What’s your favorite thing about working at the firm?"

I love what I do. It’s very rewarding. I love the client contact and helping people whether I’m doing reports, opening new accounts, onboarding new clients, sending a gift basket or responding to the Wealth Management Team’s needs.

"What’s special about your Sachetta clients?"

I think our clients are a reflection of the partners of Sachetta Callahan. They are loyal, responsive, and, pleasant. I have always enjoyed interaction with the clients of Sachetta Callahan.

"If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would you choose?"

My mom and dad because our dinners whether weeknight or holiday were so spectacular. My mother could take any leftover she had and make you think you were eating a gourmet meal. We had the most stimulating conversations and laughter, and I would love for my grandkids to have that experience.

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