Dana Campbell



Dana joined Sachetta in 2000 as a staff accountant. He has an MBA from Northeastern University, and focuses primarily on individual taxes. When he is not in the office, Dana is self-employed as a commercial lobster fisherman out of his home town of Marblehead.

"I became accountant after lobstering for 30 years. I have an education in finance as well, and I was searching for something to take up in the off season. My friend had referred me to Joe and Steve Sachetta, and the rest was history."

3 Questions with Dana

"What’s your life like outside the office?"

I am a lobster fishermen. I have my own lobstering boat/ business based out of Marblehead, MA. I also like to play volleyball and do different activities with my 3 grandkids.

"What’s special about your Sachetta clients?"

Nice people to work with and are appreciative of the work we do.

"If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would you choose?"

The first person who comes to mind is Warren Buffet – famous business investor. I think it would be very interesting to sit down with him and pick his brain about things.

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