Working with financial advisors always requires a leap of faith. You’re giving someone else a lot of control over your hard-earned money – what if they invest it poorly, or have ulterior motives that influence their recommendations? Unless you’re an investment expert yourself, it’s hard to know if you are appropriately making use of your money based on your specific financial situation.

We understand that fear, so our advisors use a down-to-earth approach to investment advisement. It’s part of our commitment to treating each client with respect and acceptance. We’re happy to answer questions and provide transparency on the thinking behind our suggestions. Also, because we have several CPAs on staff, many of whom are also financial advisors, we’re constantly thinking about taxation issues when making our best recommendations. Truly, we prepare you for life’s road ahead.


As your financial advisor, we take our independence seriously. We design our portfolios based on what makes sense for you, without any corporate agenda. We use no-load mutual funds and exchange traded funds to keep costs as low as possible while maintaining the flexibility to make changes to that portfolio without unnecessary cost.

Every client is different, and each portfolio is a reflection of not only your risk tolerance, but also your long-term objectives. Part of our firm culture is centered around tax planning, and we spend a great deal of time ensuring that each investment is in the proper type of account to keep your tax burden as low as possible. We work with you every step of the way, from accumulating wealth prior to retirement to designing tax-efficient strategies for withdrawing it once you get there.

Most importantly, though, is to integrate your investment strategy with your overall financial plan. The team members who work with you will want to know about your goals and hopes for your financial future, your family, your spending habits and maybe even your hobbies. That’s because we know that so many factors – including your estate planning, tax strategies and even your insurance situation – can factor in to determining the proper portfolio for you. Our goal is to work with you to develop not only a great investment portfolio, but an overall plan toward financial happiness.


Services include:

  • Portfolio review
  • Asset allocation
  • Wealth maximization strategies
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