Stephen Sachetta

Stephen Sachetta

Stephen Sachetta CPA, MST

Director, Founding Member

Stephen is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Master’s Degree in Taxation. He has a diverse background of experience in the public accounting field over the past 38 years, ranging from the former Big 8 to being one of the founding partners of our firm. He specializes in the Restaurant and Food Service Industry and works with individuals and small businesses at developing them into flourishing companies while helping them to save tax dollars along the way. Active in the community, he is a past President and Treasurer of the Everett Chamber of Commerce and is a Director of the North End Chamber of Commerce. He is a former Chairman of the Everett School Building Commission and a City Tax Assessor.

From Our Interview with Stephen

“When I was a kid my uncle would come to our house to do my parents’ taxes.  At age 10 or 11 I watched him work and was amazed at what he was doing.  I started doing taxes in junior high.  By high school I was taking bookkeeping jobs at an auto parts store and a gym.  I was already building a clientele because I’d do taxes for gym members!  In my high school yearbook I wrote that I wanted to be a CPA.

We’ve got clients who have been with us for over 30 years. They’re loyal and they trust us. They refer new clients to us all the time. One client has referred 40+ clients. He says “Use my accountant. He’s the guy!” and they do!

A lot of people see accounting as very black and white. I see it more as a relationship business. If you’ve got a good, outgoing personality you can be very successful in this business. It’s more about people and relationships than work and money. The money will come if you have good relationships.”

Read Stephen’s full interview here. 

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