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A few things set our firm apart from other financial planning firms. First and foremost is our background in taxation. Because all of our advisors are also Certified Public Accountants, you can be sure that we always consider the tax consequences of every decision that we make. This also allows you to have a single point of contact for your financial planning, investment management, and tax preparation needs. You will not need to worry whether your financial planner and accountant are properly working together in your best interest. Secondly is our team approach. All of our advisors are involved in the financial plan preparation and portfolio design for each of our clients. While you would have an advisor that is your primary point of contact, you would still be free to call with questions or concerns even if that advisor was not available. There would always be someone in the office who would be happy to answer any questions, or help you with whatever you might need. Finally, we believe that our clients themselves make us different. While many wealth management firms focus on recruiting “high-net-worth individuals” with many millions of dollars, we instead focus on those clients for whom we believe we can make a difference. We focus on clients that have between $350,000 and $3 million invested with us, and we believe that these are the clients who can most benefit from our services.
Our typical clients are individuals and small business owners with between $350,000 and $3 million of investable assets. While many wealth management firms focus on “high-net-worth individuals,” we instead focus on those clients for whom we believe we can make a difference. Our goal is to work with each of our clients to design a financial plan appropriate for them, and to manage their portfolio in line with that plan. Over time, we believe that we can help guide our clients toward the financial goals that they have set for themselves. Our clients realize that they have neither the time nor the desire to manage every aspect of their financial life, and are excited by the prospect of a long term relationship with a professional to help ease that burden. They are looking for a Certified Financial Planner™, and not for a product salesman.
Yes. While we do not have a minimum investment amount, we do have a minimum fee of $3,600 per year. This fee includes all of our services, from financial planning and investment management, to the preparation of your annual income tax return. Anyone who desires to gain control of their finances and better position themselves for a successful financial future can benefit from our services simply by paying this minimum fee.
No. We charge no up-front fees, and are only compensated by the monthly fee based partially on the size of your investment portfolio, and partially on a flat fee. Also, while some believe that their retirement accounts will be taxed if they are transferred, this is not the case. So long as the account that they are moved to is also a retirement account, there are no tax implications to this transfer.
The investments that we recommend depend upon each client’s financial situation. We typically favor no-load mutual funds and exchange traded funds for clients’ portfolios, since we believe that they provide greater diversification than can be achieved through individual stock selection.
Because the majority of our clients are retirement-minded, our approach to portfolio design is long-term oriented. We do not believe in trying to pick individual stocks, nor do we believe in trying to time the market. Instead, we have found that maintaining a diversified portfolio over time is the best path toward financial success.
We have no access to the funds in our client accounts, other than the ability decide how the account is invested, and to debit our monthly fee. Each account is held by Fidelity Investments, who act as custodian of your funds. We may request that funds from the account be distributed to you, but Fidelity Investments will not send checks made payable to anyone other than you, nor to any address other than yours without your signature. You can rest assured that you, and only you, have access to your funds.
Absolutely. As part of the financial planning process we will look at your current estate and insurance situations and advise you if any changes need to be made. We work very closely with a number of insurance agents and attorneys who offer solutions to these needs. If you already have qualified advisors in these areas, we would also be happy to work with them.