Michael Callahan

Michael J Callahan, CPA, CFP®, MST has been involved in personal financial planning, as well as both business and individual taxation for more than 15 years. Our ideas about money are formed by our life experiences. Over the years, Mike has seen those close to him make common money mistakes from not having enough life insurance, to not doing the proper estate planning. When he received an inheritance in college and started looking into how he could use it to achieve his goals, he realized that he could use those experiences to help others. He changed his major to Finance, and the rest is history.

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Seeing the Forest, Not the Trees When Investing

The hardest part about investing is being patient despite the day-to-day noise that comes at us from all sides. Turn on the news, and you’ll hear headlines (guesses) about why the market was up or down that day. Go online, and you’ll find all sorts...

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