For many years Steve Ahern has provided financial monitoring for his clients. This service is designed for individuals and families with a net worth of at least of $30 million.

If your wealth includes investments managed by more than one advisor, assets in various forms of liquidity, or held in different currencies, it’s not always easy to know if your financial decisions are on track to help you reach your goals. And when you don’t know how your current plan is faring, it can be challenging to make changes or improvements. Also, your financial plan goes beyond your investments and may include your estate plans, insurance policies and more. With so many components to manage, it’s no wonder that for many people, their true financial picture is murky. 

That’s where our financial monitoring service comes in. Now you can receive a comprehensive analysis conducted by one of our financial planning professionals. We can review your investments, estate plan and cash flow (among other materials), and provide an objective overview of your financial status. Financial monitoring can help provide a more clear picture of your net worth and what you may want to consider as you move forward with your financial plans. Since each individual and family has different needs, we develop a unique monitoring plan with each client. Even if another firm handles your investments, we can still engage in financial monitoring and provide an additional perspective.

There are many reasons to do financial monitoring, and it’s never too early to get started. Even if you are just getting started with investing, this service gives you the tools you need to work with your financial planner more strategically and empowers your decision making. If you’re a more seasoned investor or have a complex financial picture, we make it easier to get a clear sense of how all the pieces are working together. 

Services include:

  • Review or develop a net worth statement, asset allocation breakdown, and cash flow analysis.
  • Calculate of rates of return whenever possible
  • Review insurance coverage and monitoring of policies
  • Securely store documents such as estate plans and investment planning documents
  • Income, gift and estate, and charitable giving tax planning

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