You wouldn’t trust your car to an amateur mechanic, so why would you trust your financial future to anyone less than an expert?

Accounting and tax issues are notoriously thorny. The consequences of making even a small error can be costly and time-consuming. Although there’s software that makes do-it-yourself bookkeeping and tax prep possible, the stakes are too high to risk making errors. Working with experts means you can walk away from our office knowing that you’ve gotten it right the first time

For over 35 years, we’ve been advising and preparing tax returns for individuals and small businesses. Part of our staff is dedicated solely to accounting and tax preparation, and several of those team members have decades of experience. We’ve seen it all before, which means we’re prepared to help you navigate any hurdles that arise during the process.


Tax law isn’t exciting to most people. But we’re not most people.

When it comes to taxes, the real value is in the planning. If you wait until January to think about your taxes, it’s too late. With year-round guidance from our advisors, you’ll know what options you have while there’s still time to make a difference on next year’s tax return. That’s why when you work with us, your service includes a tax planning meeting and periodic phone calls through-out the year and the tax preparation each Spring. Whether you’re filing individual taxes or facing a complicated situation with your business taxes, our team can help. And because we know that tax issues aren’t reserved for early April, our team is available all year long to help your family or business make plans so your tax needs are always covered.

Businesses need even more support and can realize even bigger gains through proper planning. Our tax team is taking advantage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to the full benefit of our business clients, finding them the optimal tax strategy to minimize the tax burden for the business and its owners.


Services include:

  • Tax preparation (federal, state, local)
  • Tax planning for businesses and individuals


If your accounting needs are too great to handle yourself but too limited to warrant hiring full-time accountants, our team is positioned to bridge the gap. Consider us part of the accounting staff of your small business – without having to pay benefits or invite us to the company picnic.

We offer our accounting services to meet all the needs of your business. Let our staff oversee processes like reconciling bank accounts and preparing financial statements. It’s amazing what can happen when you run your business by the numbers rather than waiting until the next year to find out how well you did. Instead, we focus on the planning so that you can make decisions for your business, your family, and your investments, based on real time information.

We want to help you focus on what you do best so you can leave the accounting to us. We’ll help you design a system that best suits your needs and frees you up to run the business, rather than simply keeping the books.


Services include:

  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable support
  • Accounting system setup
  • Personalized software recommendations
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