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S2E4 | Employee Options & RSUs

“Do tax planning otherwise you're going to get a giant bill at the end of the year that you aren't expecting. Definitely talk to your CPA or your financial advisor and get a plan in place. You can either set aside some money,  or potentially pay estimates, so there's no surprises with your RSUs.”

Michael Callahan and Georgios Liakakis join the podcast today to discuss employee’s options and tax planning when it comes to restricted stock units. 

Some publicly traded company employers offer restricted stock units to their employees as part of a hiring or bonus package.  And that can be an attractive benefit for many people.  RSUs are complex in part due to the taxes that come along with them. The taxes can be discouraging for some employees, especially young people or early career employees, and many find themselves turning down the RSU options.  

No one wants to receive a surprise on their taxes come April.  For employees who decide to vest their stocks, instead of selling right away to avoid the taxes, being prepared for that bill can make the benefit worth-while.  Since the process can be confusing and complex, financial advisors recommend planning for the impact, talking to a CPA, and setting aside money to pay the taxes. 

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S1E8 | Year-End Tax Planning

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